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Team TIC have more exciting news to share (…we quite like January if we’re honest). Our Co-Founder and Director Megan Anstee is joining the Fast Forward 15 programme as a mentor.

FF15 is a not-for-profit mentoring scheme founded by Fay Sharpe that exists to inspire, encourage and empower women in the MICE and hospitality industry to achieve their goals. Throughout her career in the hospitality, events and travel industry, Fay had noticed an imbalance where 75% of the industry were female, but less than 20% of top level positions were held by women. FF15 was created out of a desire to readdress this balance.

Megan is among the glittering FF15 alumni, having been a mentee 4 years ago. She knows better than anyone the impact the programme can have on personal and professional development. We asked her some quick fire questions to find out more.

What were the main takeaways you took from your time as a Mentee?

Go for it!! For a long time I always thought you had to be the smartest, most confident, talented person to put your hand up. Then I just realised it was a case of trusting yourself, going for what you wanted, learning on the journey and working hard to achieve your goal. Just go for it.

What are you most looking forward to about returning to the programme as a Mentor?

Building a relationship with my mentee and helping her achieve goals, whatever they might be. Also, contributing to a network that has given me so much.

What would you say to anyone considering applying for the programme?

Embrace the whole process. The education days, planning the charity event, the relationships with your fellow mentees and of course your mentor sessions. It’s all part of what makes it such a unique experience and the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Applications to the FF15 Programme close on 5th March. For more info, please see the FF15 Website here. If you have any questions for Megan about her experience with the programme, please pop a note to

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