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How we helped deepen the relationship between American Express and their Premium Cardmembers.


Following the growth of their Platinum Cardmember base, and a surge in engagement with the Platinum Card Events Programme, American Express wished to scale this luxury lifestyle-led events programme to accommodate higher numbers.


Within this, there was a desire to increase the number of unique attendees, whilst also maintaining the hallmarks and infrastructure that created a bespoke, luxury programme of experiences that Cardmembers appreciated as coming to them through their American Express product.

However, with Cardmembers increasingly seeing the events programme as a rational benefit, and with a budget that necessitated looking to work with partners in a cost-neutral way where possible, the true challenge was how to scale a programme and increase reach, without increasing budget or compromising on quality.


American Express brought The Intrepid Collective on board to work with their Premium Events and Benefits team, and oversee the curation, marketing and delivery of the Events Programme for 6 months.


We worked with the team and other stakeholders to set and implement a strategy that would drive engagement with unique attendees, whilst also refining and maximising the value-proposition to event partners and American Express Merchants that would facilitate the delivery of the programme in a cost-neutral manner where possible.


During the time we designed a mix of small and larger-scale experiences, taking care of all event management, partner and supplier negotiation and liaison, and drove the creation of marketing collateral for the programme.



We curated a programme that delivered against key passion points of the Platinum Cardmember, including retail, dining, art and culture, wellness and sport whilst offering innovative content that served to create a more diverse audience and increase unique attendees.


Events accommodated numbers from 30 to 180, ranging from festive wreathmaking experiences at an exclusive members’ club to a Chinese New Year takeover of 180 covers at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and bespoke out-of-hours shopping events with some of London’s most luxurious and renowned retailers.


Over 6 months, we curated and delivered 42 events for the Platinum Events Programme, with premium partners including Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, Hakkasan, LOUIS XIII, Hotel Café Royal, Guerlain and The National Theatre.





Ticket sales in excess of £140k through American Express accounts


Complimentary events had a cumulative waitlist of over 5,200 cardmembers


6 events exclusively filled with unique attendees

80% of attendees surveyed said they would recommend the Platinum Events Programme to a friend

Work & Eat


Content Strategy • Programme Curation • Event Management • Marketing • Ticketing Strategy

“The understanding of our premium portfolios and the cardmembers’ passions resulted in the delivery of new concepts and experiences which enriched the overall programme and drove value to our luxury partners. We look forward to continued collaboration with

The Intrepid Collective.”

American Express

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